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-~~NOTOC~~ +====== Beard Wiki ====== 
-====== Beard Information ​====== +<WRAP center important>​ 
-{{ :​beardprofile-logo.png?​nolink|}} +This is a community wiki for beardsman around ​the world. Learn about every facet of facial hair: from grooming your man manedown to the gritty science ​and what fuels our beards.
-Welcome to the Beard Wikiwhere all beard-related information is contained. Brought ​to you by the same people that run Beard Profile, the Beard Wiki takes the same path as the former, but in a [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Wiki|Wiki]]-based format ​and without the social features.+
-**Simply pure knowledge**.+This is an ongoing projectWant to help out as a volunteer? [[https://​forum.beardwiki.com/​g/​wikieditor|Send a request here]]. 
-Think of the Beard Wiki as an information repository, while Beard Profile is the community portion of the overall network, where most of the user-interaction takes place, with account features and profile photos.+----
-Beard Wiki [[pages:​about|about page]]. 
-===== Finding ​Beard Information ​===== +<WRAP group> 
-On the left-hand sidebar you'll see a lot of pages that pertain to beards. If one catches your eye, click on it and get to learning. **Mobile users**: you will need to tap the collapsed "​Sidebar"​ at the top of the site to reveal the sidebar contents. The right-hand sidebar, for mobile users, is located toward the bottom of the page and needs to be toggled open as well.+<WRAP third column>​ 
 +^Beard Information ​^ 
 +| [[carrier-oil|Carrier Oils]] | 
 +| [[hair-cycle|]] | 
 +| [[follicle#​beard-shape|Beard Shape]] |
-If you have a specific topic in mind, use the search bar at the top of the site to search through the Beard Wiki. +</​WRAP>​
-===== Beard Blog ===== +
-Other than the wiki itself, beardwiki.com has a [[:​blog:​index|blog]] that focuses solely on beards as well! In it, we feature tons of tips while growing out your beard, down to good ol' beard banter every now and then.+
-Beard Wiki's beard blog shouldn'​t be confused with the [[https://​www.beardprofile.com/​articles|beard articles]] on Beard Profile, as both contain different beard-related information. Some information will naturally overlap, however.+<WRAP third column>​ 
 +^Get Bearded and Learn ^ 
 +| [[:​minoxidil-faq|Minoxidil ​Beard FAQ]] | 
 +| [[androgenic-hair|]] | 
 +| [[:​supplements:​|Supplements]]| 
-===== Want to Help? ===== +<WRAP third column> 
-The wiki is editable by anyone with an account at Beard Profile. Simply send a message ​to Cemmos on there after you've registered ​for an account on this siteHe will then give you a role to start editing and adding ​to the wiki.+^About ​Beard Wiki ^ 
 +<WRAP center box> 
 +Brought ​to you by members and admins of TMBS. Beard Wiki is //the// go-to source ​for beard informationFrom the science behind beards, ​to information about the products we put in themThere'​s a little something for every beardsman here. 
-Keep in mind that accounts on beardprofile.com and beardwiki.com are separate. Beard Profile is easy to [[https://www.beardprofile.com/​join|join]] and only takes a minute. Here on the wiki, before allowing anyone to edit pages, we make sure you are a member there for accountability reasons. This keeps the information on the wiki safe and not easily spammed, while allowing everyone to know that all of the great beard info on the website comes straight from a reputable beard community.+</WRAP> 
-//You can sign up on this site at any time, but without messaging the administrator,​ you won't be able to help improve ​the wiki.//+====== Browse ​the Wiki Alphabetically ====== 
 +<nspages : -subNs -textPages="​Content"​ -textNs="​Content"​ -h1 -pagesInNs -r -exclude:​[index] -exclude:​playground:​ -exclude:wiki:>
-Check out the [[pages:​syntax|syntax]] to see how to use the wiki and its features. +{searchform}
-This is a good way to get acquainted with the wiki software while you wait for your account to be granted editing privileges. +
- +
-===== TOS & Privacy ===== +
-BeardWiki'​s terms of service and privacy policy are hosted on BeardProfile.com and the links can be found on almost every page of this website. +
- +
-Aside from those, most of the wiki content is licensed under the [[http://​creativecommons.org/​licenses/​by-sa/​4.0/​|CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International]] license, which means you can share this information as you'd like — so long as credit is given to beardwiki.com,​ preferably in the form of a direct link back to the information used.+