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 ===== Types of Hair ===== ===== Types of Hair =====
-<WRAP center important>​ +==== Vellus hair ==== 
-Please help fill out any sections ​that are missing+Vellus hair is thin, transparent hair all over a person'​s body. It develops during childhood and can also develop later in life. This hair grows out of hair follicles and has a chance of developing into terminal hair. In general, vellus hair stays vellus unless hormones change enough to alter them or in the presence of a hair-grower like minoxidil. 
 +Over time and as we age, follicles on the body become more sensitive to androgens, allowing vellus hair to maturate. Because of this, beards tend to improve as a person ages. 
 +Vellus hair is not the same thing as lanugo, which is hair that is thicker and grows on fetuses. 
 +Vellus hair is not connected to sebaceous glands, which is a big part of why some people may have a lot of vellus hair on their faces, but are not terminal as they may want
 +=== Transitional or intermediate hair === 
 +Commonly referred to as transitional,​ this type of hair is a variation of vellus that may soon maturate enough to be terminal hair. Transitional hair is a common term used among people using minoxidil for beard growth, as the minoxidil enables the hair to grow longer and receive some pigment. 
 +==== Terminal hair ==== 
 +Terminal hair is thick, pigmented hair that can grow longer than vellus hair. For men trying to grow fuller beards, this is the type of hair that they will want more of. 
 +During puberty, or through the use of minoxidil, vellus hair is replaced with terminal hair due to the increase of androgenic hormone levels. 
 +=== Androgenic hair === 
 +Androgenic hair is body hair and aptly named because the hair is grown due to follicles metabolizing androgen hormones (testosterone and [[dht|dihydrotestosterone]]). It is a more specific way of referring to terminal hair. 
 +== Axillary hair == 
 +Axillary hair is underarm hair is a subset of androgenic hair.
-==== Vellus ==== 
-==== Terminal ====