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 ===== Beardruff ===== ===== Beardruff =====
-Beardruff is a misnomermeant to signify flaking from the facial skin similar to how dandruff is flaking from the scalp. Beardruff is not the same thing as **dandruff** on the scalp. Rather, it'the same thing as **dry scalp**, a different condition than dandruff.+Beardruff is normally used as a misnomer — meant to signify flaking from the facial skin similar to how dandruff flakes from the scalp. Beardruff is not **normally** the same thing as dandruff. Rather, it'more similar to **dry scalp**, a different condition than dandruff.
-Neverthelesswhenever you hear the term beardruff, remember that it simply means dry skin underneath one'beard.+When used correctly, beardruff is the same thing as dandruff. Thishowever, normally wouldn't be due to a buildup of sebum, but when using artificial additions in your beard, such as beard oils and balms. These can incite dandruff in the beard. This is rarer, however, and most men that fight through flaky skin are likely to have dry skin
 +====== Correcting beardruff varies on the case: ====== 
 +  - **Dry skin:** apply a face lotion to your skin, or use a beard oil. Apply as needed. 
 +  - **Dandruff:** opt out of using balms and reduce oil use to a fraction of the amount you normally apply. Peppermint essential oil can help with overproduction of sebum, and as such you would need to dilute this into a carrier oil.
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